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Paul Miller
Paul Miller, Founder

Mr. Miller is the Founder of Lehigh Valley Martial Arts and Active Learning Centers. The first location opened in Emmaus, PA more than ten years ago followed by two more locations (in Breinigsville, Fogelsville and now “Beginnings” for infants-36 mos in Fogelsville) in recent years. Master Miller oversees the Martial Arts instruction of all three of the schools and personally trains all of the instructors. He continues to teach classes at all of these locations on a rotating basis.

Shigung (which in Chinese means “teacher of teachers”) began his martial arts’ training at the age of 16 in Reading, PA. He earned a 5th degree black belt and the rank of Shihan in Kyokushin Kai Karate. After 20 years of Karate practice, he began learning Kung Fu which has become the main focus of his own practice and his instruction of others. He has trained in Tai Chi and Chi Ling Pai Kung Fu under the direction of Master Scott Felsen and multiple other teachers.

Mr. Miller has also completed training in Levels I, II, and III in Spring Forest Qigong under the direction of Master Chunyi Lin. In addition to the internal Martial Arts he has studied the art of massage to better understand how the body moves.

Shigung Miller has operated his own martial arts’ school for more than 20 years and trained over 500 black belts and countless instructors. At the present time he focuses on passing on the knowledge he has learned to his students and instructors.

Zach Miller
Zachary Miller, Shifu

Shifu Zach began his training at the age of 5 in the art of Kyokushin Kai Karate. Even at this young age, he demonstrated a strong aptitude for the martial arts. He won many first place trophies in local tournaments. Shifu continued to train in Karate until he reached the level of 2nd degree black belt under the direction of his father Paul Miller. His interest in Kung Fu took him to a new level of understanding. He continues to train in Kung Fu under the influence of his father and other teachers such as Master Jason Ward. He has earned the title of Shifu in Kung Fu and is the lead instructor at LVMA Emmaus. Shifu Zach has taught thousands of classes at Lehigh Valley Martial Arts to people of all ages.

Mark Pruitt
John “Mark” Pruitt, Shifu

Shifu Mark started training in the Martial Arts at age 10. He trained at Lehigh Valley Martial Arts in the art of Kyokushin Kai Karate. He started training with his sister and eventually with his father. He persevered and achieved his first degree black belt at age 15. Since that time he has continued his studies in the art of Kung Fu. He attained instructor rank and teaches classes at our Emmaus location. He has completed a Bachelor’s degree at Kutztown University.

Dana Eldridge
Dana Eldridge, Sensei / Shifu

Sensei Dana earned a black belt in Kyokushin Kai Karate in November 1997 and became an assistant instructor in February 1998. She earned full instructorship and operated a Kyokushin school from 1999 through 2004. In April of 2004, Dana joined her friend and mentor, Master Paul Miller, at Lehigh Valley Martial Arts, to pursue the deeper knowledge that Kung Fu has to offer and earned a second level black sash and instructor level status.

Dana has also trained in Spring Forest Qi gong under the direction of Master Chunyi Lin. Shifu Dana is responsible for the development of the pre-school and toddler program, which addresses the unique needs of children ages 2-4. Ms. Eldridge has also developed women’s safety programs, which have been presented at universities throughout Bucks and Lehigh counties. She has also authored a “Safe Kids, Strong Families” program to teach safety techniques to children and their parents. Sensei Eldridge is head instructor at our LVMA Fogelsville location and teaches Karate there.

Alex Oleksa
Alex Oleksa, Shifu

Shifu Alex began his Martial Arts training at age 10 in Kyokushin Kai Karate. He achieved his first black belt at age 15 and then shortly after he began his training in Kung Fu. Once he earned the rank of Shifu in 2004, he began teaching at Lehigh Valley Martial Arts in Emmaus, PA under the instruction of Shigung Paul Miller. Alex is motivated by not only the physical training of Martial Arts; he also enjoys applying the theories and concepts to everyday activities. Alex takes great pride in his teaching and sharing his knowledge with his students as well as learning from them. He teaches classes at LVMA Breinigsville.

Crystal Klein
Crystal Klein, Shifu

Crystal began martial arts during the 1970?s and achieved a green belt in Tae Kwon Do. In 2003, she came to Lehigh Valley Martial Arts looking for a program for herself and her daughters. After she participated in a few classes with Shigung Miller she knew she found her “home” to practice martial arts. She worked hard to attain her black sash at just over the age of fifty. Crystal believes the essential component of success in a martial arts’ school is the egoless teaching style of the instructors here. The style of Kung Fu taught here has so much more to offer to children, women, and “anyone not pumping iron regularly.” Crystal attained instructor status in 2010 and instructs at the LVMA program at the Seven Generations charter school in Emmaus, PA.

Adam McClellan
Adam McClellan, Sensei / Shifu

Adam first started his training in Kyokushin Kai Karate at the age of nine. After earning a green belt, he switched to Kung Fu. Adam consistently trained at his Kung Fu, while also studying Tai Chi and Qigong. Years later, after achieving the rank of black sash in Kung Fu, Adam moved to Hawaii for a year and studied other forms of movement that complimented the Martial Arts. He instructed and helped manage classes in the up-and-coming art known as Parkour, which is a method of movement much like gymnastics, but in addition, has a meaningful philosophy and a real-world application. After a year of this intensive physical and mental training, Adam moved back to Pennsylvania. He attained instructor status in 2010 here at LVMA and instructs at our Fogelsville location.

Zack Cooperman
Zack Cooperman, Sensei / Shifu

Zack has been training in the martial arts since 2001. He began his training at Lehigh Valley Martial Arts at age nine where he practiced Kyokushin Kai Karate and earned a green belt. Then, he switched under the direction of Shigung Miller to Kung Fu and earned a black sash in four years of practice. He achieved the assistant instructor level in 2008 and instructor level in January 2011. His students range in age from kindergarten to adults. He looks forward to continuing his martial arts training for the rest of his life. Zack instructs at our Fogelsville location.

Nicole Klien
Nicole Klein

Shifu Nicole began Kung Fu training at LVMA in 2003 and earned her black sash in a few years of practice. She earned the title of Shifu in January 2011. She currently is Assistant Instructor at Emmaus helping to teach the children focus and concentration.

Vicki Klein
Vicky Klein

Vicki also began Kung Fu training at Lehigh Valley Martial Arts in 2003 with her sister Nicole and mother Crystal. She is very proud to wear her black sash and help out with the classes at Emmaus.

D. Freeman, Sempai
D. Freeman, Sempai

After wrestling all through high school and college, D began seeking further training in the art of self-defense. His search brought him to the study of Kyokushin Kai Karate in 1989. After earning his black belt in 1993, he continued to train toward his 2nd degree black belt and became the program director for one of Kyokushin’s local schools where he remained until 1998. While serving in that capacity, he developed a violence management program that combines de-escalation techniques with martial arts. Two of D’s primary mentors introduced him to the study of Chi Lin Kempo and Wudang Kung Fu where he now studies full time. D assists with classes at Fogelsville.

Shifu Mara Basso
Shifu Mara Basso

Shifu Dave Jones
Shifu Dave Jones

Shifu Lorraine Walters
Shifu Lorraine Walters

Sensei Stan Chan
Sensei Stan Chan

Loashi Jason Simonds
Loashi Jason Simonds

Loashi Marcel Broadway
Loashi Marcel Broadway

Laoshi Joe Brutto
Loashi Joe Brutto


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